Miss Velma's Soup

Ms. Velma’s Soup

This simple soup is my favorite when I was just good homemade soup. I prefer chicken in my soup, and just a few veggies. You can make on stove-top, or low and slow in your crock pot too. Nothing is exact here… measurements are just close guesstimates.

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Tomato Swiss Slab Pie with fresh dill

Tomato Swiss Slab Pie

What makes a juicy ripe tomato even better? How about a cheesy, buttery flaky crust underneath with the bright, fresh flavor of dill! Serve this Tomato Swiss Slab Pie in small wedges as an appetizer, or in bigger wedges as a side dish. Perfect alongside a salad for a light, meatless meal.

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Peas, please… field peas, that is!

We do love our field peas here in North Carolina! Pea shelling meant life lessons for me as a little girl… oh, if we could only turn back the clock to those days.

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