Ringing in the new….

Hey y’all!

Wheeee doggies, can you believe it’s time to remember to write 2018 on our checks already?  LOL  For those times when we still write a CHECK!

As we ring in a new year, I am ringing in some new things around here too… my web page revamp is almost done along with  a brand new face-lift on my blog!  This is been a long time coming and I can hardly wait… final touches are happening right.now. and if all goes as planned, “re-launch” should happen around mid-January!  You’ll be seeing new features… new “Substitute Teachers” writing about fun new topics around the home (not just food and recipes from me) and lots more! If you are a closet writer and would like to be considered as a contributor, let me hear from you!  What sorts of things interest you and what would you like to write about? (Take a look at the list of categories and subcategories for ideas!)

If you have a product for review… a recipe makeover request, recipes for your product or restaurant… or a place I might like to wander off to and write about in my “Culinary Adventures,” holler at me! 

I’m excited at what is coming and things I haven’t even considered yet, and look forward to your input. I have so many things to share, but the more I post here, the more things will have to be moved over to the new platform… and the more time that will take, so I’m just sitting on lot of goodies for now!

So stay tuned…. see you real soon. And in the meantime… stay warm and cozy and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


Soup’s on! Blushing Turkey Soup

Well here we are, just like that ~ looking at Thanksgiving 2017 in our rear view mirror. Did your grandmas tell you too, that “the […]

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…krave-worthy Krispy Kreme Kroutons!

Being that today is “National Doughnut Day,” seems fitting to share one of my Krispy Kreme Kreations with you. It just so happens that my […]

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muscadine grape and gingersnap crisp

What time is it? Muscadine time….

One of my favorite things about the arrival of fall would be grapes! Muscadine grapes…. native to the south grapes. We know, as they turn […]

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Apple Pie Spiced Slow Cooker Applesauce

Fall = Applesauce!

Fall is in the air… well kinda sorta, now that fresh North Carolina apples are making their debut at farmers’ markets! And with that, comes […]

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Speaking of tomatoes, fried green ones…

A few years ago while food styling and creating recipes at Our State Magazine, I had the opportunity to create some “sauces” for Fried Green […]

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Squishy Fig Gingerbread… oooh la LA!

It’s no new news that I’m not the baker. I can do it when need be, but all that chemistry of proper measurements annoys me… […]

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Peas, please… field peas, that is!

Peas are such a simple food… they don’t need much fuss’n with, and can be fixed in all sorts of ways. Cook simply with some […]

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summer corn salad with honey citrus dressing

…sweet summer corn salad with honey-citrus dressing

Corn…. here, there and over yonder!  Oh, the delicious time of summer is here in all its golden glory, and I don’t know about you, […]

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Dilly Swiss Tomato Pie

Wendy’s Dilly Swiss Tomato Pie!

’tis pie season. Tomato Pie Season. And I can’t believe I have never put my Dilly Swiss Tomato Pie here….           […]

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A backroads aventure…. clothesline

A backroads adventure…
clothes·line  ˈklōT͟Hzlīn/
{-noun- a strong, narrow rope, cord, wire, etc., usually stretched between two poles, posts or buildings on which clean laundry is hung to dry.}

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Beat the heat with this Green & Gold Okra Summer Salad! No cook’n here….

Well I don’t know about where you are, but here in Eastern North Carolina, we’re in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave…. too bad […]

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***Happy 80th Birthday Krispy Kreme!***

One of North Carolina’s finest, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, is turning 80 today!  And THAT, my friends is cause for celebration.  Those of us lucky enough […]

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