Rustic Herbed Dressing With apples and cheddar

You know it’s fall when the aroma of baked apples and fresh herbs fills the air! Roasted pork, chicken — this stuffing makes just the right side dish. Or crisp up leftover dressing in the toaster oven for a banner breakfast with bacon, sausage and a drizzle o’ maple syrup!

Easter Brunch Asparagus Casserole

This light and velvety asparagus casserole will be a favorite with the cheese lovers in your crowd for Easter brunch, or anytime. Other vegetables can be substituted or added, and have fun trying other cheeses too. You can even add in diced ham or bacon. Use this recipe as a base and spiff up to make it your own.

Summer Squash Spoonbread with Pimento Cheese

Tis the season … for scores of squash! Our spoonbread pairs pimento cheese with squash to create an all-in-one, veggie-laden cheesy bread. Add a cool summer salad and serve alongside some grilled goodies on the porch, along with an icy glass of lemonade.

Wendy’s Dilly Swiss Tomato Pie!

Dilly Swiss Tomato Pie Photo by Matt Hulsman for Our State Magazine

’tis pie season. Tomato Pie Season. And I can’t believe I have never put my Dilly Swiss Tomato Pie here….                   As food stylist and recipe developer at Our State Magazine for 5 years, I often prepared and styled recipes from church and community cookbooks they featured… Continue reading Wendy’s Dilly Swiss Tomato Pie!

Cooked any good Groundhog lately?

To celebrate the day, the lazy blogger is sharing this annual post originally from 2011!  However, that’s about to change and routine blogging is about to commence this week.  I’m ready  with all sorts of goodies for you and I hope you are too… So, what exactly IS a groundhog?  As I researched to see… Continue reading Cooked any good Groundhog lately?

Counting blessings ~ what we take for granted…

Do things in your freezer appear to be from outer space?

bless·ing  [bles-ing] the invoking of God’s favor upon a person I should rename this “The Molasses Blog” since that’s about the speed I do blog posts!  So many things get ‘in the way’… work, new projects and clients, having fun with my incredibly fun-funny-wondermous nephew Wyatt and just life in general… What a blessing to… Continue reading Counting blessings ~ what we take for granted…