Flash’n… this way or that?

It hasn’t been that long ago when I set my bedroom ceiling fan for the winter, I think! But a week or so ago, I went to flash’n… so while snow was fall’n outside, I was on my step ladder pull’n chains on my bedroom ceiling fan till I found that sweet spot…

…southern wine glasses

I much prefer a nice glass of wine in a mason jar… as a matter of fact, i think everything tastes better in a mason jar! So as i enjoy a glass of red wine this evening,

Peas, please… field peas, that is!

We do love our field peas here in North Carolina! Pea shelling meant life lessons for me as a little girl… oh, if we could only turn back the clock to those days.

A backroads adventure…. the clothesline

A backroads adventure…
clothes·line  ˈklōT͟Hzlīn/
{-noun- a strong, narrow rope, cord, wire, etc., usually stretched between two poles, posts or buildings on which clean laundry is hung to dry.}

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