Flash’n… this way or that?

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It hasn’t been that long ago when I set my bedroom ceiling fan for the winter, I think!  But a week or so ago, I went to flash’n… so while snow was fall’n outside, I was on my step ladder pull’n chains on my bedroom ceiling fan till I found that sweet spot… where the thing went from turn’n this-a-way to that-a-way, and wide open!!  While ‘up there’ I found it necessary (at 11PM and on a ladder, alone, with a cold rag on my face), to also clean those blades… ewwww, where DOES all that stuff come from anyway?

It crossed my mind that there may be others out there, like me, who either never knew to change fan direction seasonally, or if possessed this knowledge, didn’t remember to do it this winter…

So, for you smarty pants who did and did, you can go back home now and come back here and play another day.  But for those who need an edukashun on this particular topic, here goes…

WINTER Direction = Clockwise (or some refer to this as reverse)
…now most folks don’t know that a fan can help reduce heating bills in the winter since fans are associated with hot weather and summertime, so they never turn them on this time of year!  But, warm air rises (remember grammar school science class?, me neither!), and gets trapped up yonder at the ceiling, but a fan, turning clockwise (on LOW) actually brings that warm air d.o.w.n.  However, if you run the fan on HIGH, it will only create a wind chill so you’ll be better off without that… unless, of course like me, a chill might give you a thrill!!

SUMMER Direction = Counter-Clockwise (or forward)
…now in the summertime, you WANT the wind chill.  So several fans swirl’n around your house won’t change your thermostat, but, you can usually raise your thermostat a bit and save, some say, up to 40% on cooling costs.  that is a chill to thrill!

Now, where can I get some of these?
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