Bacon Kissed NC Apples, Cabbage and Onions

Bacon Kissed NC Apples, Cabbage and Onions en Skillet!
Bacon Kissed NC Apples, Cabbage and Onions en Skillet!












Tis that time of year when we start hunkering down inside on chilly fall eves… and for some of us, what amounts to the start of “cooking season”!  I threw together some stuffed pork chops yesterday and just dug around in my fridge to find the perfect side dish to go along with them.  What I found was half a small cabbage, a NC apple (from a bowl full I’m using to create a recipe entry at the State Fair next week) and part of a red onion.  One of my cast iron skillets happened to be sitting on top of the stove from earlier in the day… with a light coating of…. BACON DRIP’ns!  Well that was just the perfect canvas for me to use for this quick and tasty side dish.  This is true “throw cooking” using “nekkid food” at its finest… I do practic what I preach…. my friend Pam came over for supper, and she couldn’t stop eating this stuff…. so here you go!  Throw some together for yourself.  The caramelization of these veggies is just wondermous and is a scrumptious side dish for all sorts of stuff, or just crumble some bacon into this for a simple meal.





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