Easy Butt….

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Wendy’s Butt!

The world’s slowest blogger dropping by today.  I made folks salivate all morning on Facebook with pics of my Boston Butt I cooked overnight in my crock pot and started enjoying for breakfast this morning.  After questions of how I cook it, I realized I have never shared how I throw that together.  As with most of my cook’n, there is no specific recipe (I’m a Throw Cooker, remember?!?)  This is one of my personal FAV foods and I cook one almost weekly.  It’s quick, easy and flat out tasty hot cold or cold.  It works for breakfast, lunch, supper around my house… or just when you need a pinch of “a little something” to tide you over till next meal.  And protein will satiate and satisfy for a while…. a good thang!

Once you have the meat cooked, you can use it in so many ways… sandwiches and wraps with slaw, in pot pies with leftover veggies (with mashed sweet potatoes on top), burritos and tacos, on salads, with eggs for breakfast, on Hawaiian Rolls for sliders (a fav of mine) and in my Oinkers too!

I keep an eye out and buy a few when on sale to hold me till the next sale!  Sometimes the butts are GINORMOUS so I have them saw in half for me and package to throw in the freezer when I get home.  I also LOVE pork butt steaks.  Sometimes the store will have them and sometimes I  get them cut…. a 3/4″ cut is perfect for me.  Since I like mine a tad pink inside (yes, that IS safe!), the thicker cuts let me get a good char on the outside when grilling yet keep that pink middle.


Chart from WiseGeek.com


So did you know, Butt ain’t “butt” at all?  That’s right… pork butt (or Boston Butt, same thing) comes from the upper shoulder of the piggy.  There is more marbling there (AKA Fat!)… which (IMO) makes it better than a piece labeled “shoulder”…. although not really enough difference to matter for most folks.

So without further ado, here, is my yummmmy BUTT!


Easy Butt….

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Easy Butt….

What to throw together...

  • 1 crock pot liner bag (you'll be glad you did)
  • 1 pork butt, any size
  • a few cups of apple cider vinegar (more for bigger butt)
  • crushed red pepper
  • brown sugar (light or dark)
  • cornstarch

How to throw together...

  1. Line your crock pot with bag and put your roast into the bag.
  2. Pour vinegar over and around the butt. For guesstimating purposes, I'd say about 1 cup per pound or butt.
  3. Sprinkle roast and around roast generously with crushed red pepper.
  4. Throw several handfuls of brown sugar over and around the butt.
  5. Cover and cook. You can cook on low or high, depending on how fast you need it to be ready. I usually put mine in at bedtime on low and it's perfect when I get up. Be WARNED: About 3-4 AM, don't be surprised if you are in the kitchen digging around for a fork to get a taste.... the smell wakes me up every time. Or, throw in when you leave for work and have supper ready when you get home.
  6. GLAZE so good you can drink it: If not already there, turn crock pot to HIGH. Remove pork to serving dish or storage container. Scoop out a cup or two of the juice to cool a bit. Whisk in cornstarch, about 1 heaping tablespoon per cup of juice until smooth. Pour this slurry back into the hot sauce, cover and let thicken for about 30 minutes. Spoon over meat and also yummy over cabbage!
  7. NOTE: Do NOT add any water. Only the ingredients listed. This cut has a lot of moisture that will cook out and mix with the hot vinegar and sugar to make DEElish sauce!
  8. ALSO: If cooking ahead of time, you can put the juice in the refrigerator to chill and all the fat will rise to the top for you to remove. If eating right away, pour into glass measuring cup to let sit a few minutes and you can spoon of most of that.




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