Food Blog South ~ Birmingham, AL ~ January 2011

To all my new friends from FoodBlogSouth, it was so great to meet you!  I had an incredible experience and look forward to next time.  Thanks for dropping by… do come back.  My blog is just a baby but she’s about to toddle out of the crib…

Wendy’s HOME EConomics! ~ “where HOME EC never went out of style… just wasn’t kewl for a while!”

2 Responses to Food Blog South

  1. Thank you for supporting our Venue and Food Blog South! We had a great time hosting food blog south and all of the wonderful volunteers, vendors, and bloggers!

    • Hi Andrew,

      You’re welcome…and I’d like to that YOU for finding my blog before I announced and published it and forever will be my FIRST blog poster!!! Nobody is even here yet…hoping to finish tweaks tonight to open the doors to the world!!


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