Gingerbread Banana Pudding

Gingerbread Banana Pudding With Molasses Whipped Cream

This southern favorite with a seasonal twist feeds quite a few folks, can be made ahead, and guests can self-serve. Find a fun, hinged, wide-mouth jar to make it in and wow your company!

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Molasses Ginger Crinkle Cookies

Molasses Ginger Crinkles

I love this perfectly spiced cookies… just the right touch of molasses and crispy crunch!

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Country Ham Lollipups

Country Ham Lollipups with Molasses Mustard

Ham biscuits and corn dogs … now there are a couple of fair favorites … along with those hot and crispy hushpuppies in the education building. I’ve combined this threesome into one fun food you’ll be sure to enjoy.

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